Three things EA’s FIFA 19 is missing

FIFA 19 still reigns supreme as the top footballing video game available. That doesn’t however mean its without faults. Here are three things that we feel are missing from FIFA 19!

1) A Career Mode overhaul

With the relatively recent release of FIFA 19, one thing that has stood out for many players is the lack of development in the Career Mode section of the game. It is no secret that EA prioritise the Ultimate Team mode and if they could ‘ultimately’ have their own way, would probably just release that and be done with the other sections of the game!

If we are honest, the Career Mode has been copied and pasted for a few years now – with the only changes being cosmetic and devoid of any real innovation. Unfortunately, FIFA 19 has followed this same trend, with the only notable change being the licencing of the Champions League competition.

Now, whilst the ‘Champions Cup’ will not be sorely missed and the feeling of hearing the Champions League anthem satisfying – there is no excusing the lack of real development in all other aspects of the mode.

You only need to look as far as the Football Manager series to see how much can be done with the basic administrative aspects of what it means to be a manager of a football club. Why not include a feature in which you can choose sponsors that alter your transfer budget, or even influence whether a certain player will want to play for your club?

Or maybe be able to pick your staff members, all of which would have their own stats that can affect the form of your players? Maybe include real pre/post-match press conferences which can have repercussions on your teams morale?

As for the Be a Pro career, most here I actually don’t mind. However, PLEASE allow us to sim games but still be in the team. When you begin as a youngster and find yourself loaned out to Blackpool, the last thing we want to do is play every game in the season or face lack of growth through simming with the calendar system.

These changes would be relatively simple but effective in making the career mode a substantial and genuinely enjoyable game mode.

2) An Online Ranking system and Fairer Skill Gap improvement

The online FIFA modes are what EA focus on – that is their bread and butter these days. The issue that many find with these systems is the often unmatched and unfair gap in skill between players.

Maybe this will just succeed in outing me as a poor player and no one else has this issue – but I often find myself playing against ridiculous teams that are light years ahead of me in every way. This often happens in the ultimate team mode but can be found in the other online matches.

A simple but effective change to this would be the implementation of a ranking system and skill gap focus, so that E-sports players won’t face off against my 14 year old cousin. Maybe offer different named servers for different skill levels? What about a ladder system that is affected with every win, loss and draw? Meaning your placement In the ladder fairly represents who you will face off against in the online matchmaking system?

I know this in a difficult one to balance and in all honesty, FIFA 19 has done a decent job in trying to improve it – but instead off tweaking little aspects, it’d be nice to see EA unafraid to make real changes rather than tiptoeing.

3) Balanced Gameplay

The gameplay of FIFA games is often thrown under the bus and receives mass amounts of abuse and scrutiny, even when I believe it doesn’t really warrant it. Overall, I have enjoyed FIFA’s gameplay and felt it was a good balance of real life simulation and video game fun.

However, FIFA 19 is the release is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. The pace seems at times ridiculously fast and other times painfully slow, the player switching leaves much to be desired and the shooting is easily broken once the new perfect shot system is perfected.

It’s almost as if genuine passion and ideas from EA have been thrown in but it’s been a case of too many cooks spoil the broth! I understand the thinking behind many small changes but all together the balance seems way off.

For me, the new shooting mechanic is unnecessary and just opens itself to abuse. The player switching needs to be again looked at as far too often I find myself mashing the button trying to change to who I want with little to no success. If they do this then the speed of the game will find a consistent overall pace and be much better for it.

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