With the rise in interest of retro games, collections and hobbies, Sporting Loft aims to provide you with the perfect platform to find out more about anything sport related that happens off the pitch.

The idea for the site stems from my own loft – packed full to the brim of sports collectables, be it Subbuteo, Scalextric, old programmes, old shirts, Microstars, Lego, books, DVDs, video games and much more.

Site founder James Gordon said: “From a young age, I have lived and breathed sport. Whether it was checking Ceefax, playing football or collecting toys, everything I did centred around sport. Even my career does now.

“Now in my 30s, with a child of my own, I’m still fascinated by anything sport related. As I got older and my disposable income grows, collecting sports stuff becomes easier, especially with the internet making everything accessible.”


If you want to send us anything to include on the site, please email us at hello@sportingloft.tempurl.host.

This includes press releases and items to review.

To send us items in the post, address to JDG Media Ltd, Station House, Central Way, Warrington, WA2 7FW.

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