Six of the best: Subbuteo websites

Like Subbuteo? Then you need to take a look at these six sites, if you haven’t already.

Subbuteo Forum –

I would have loved to have been on the Subbuteo forum scene pre-Facebook and Twitter, because of course social media has resulted in the decline of the traditional message board forums. There was a forum I was on several years ago, I forget the name (the so-called blue forum), but for the past few years I have been an active member on the Subbuteo Forum (username: Flash).

There is a nice little community on there, and even though the old stuff is fairly irrelevant to me, it is nice to read about old collector habits and also to see pictures of old teams.

My favourite part, aside from discussions about the new ranges such as Paul Lamond/Netcam and Leggenda, is seeing people’s stadium set ups and the custom painted teams that are getting better and better.

Peter Upton’s Subbuteo Tribute Website

In Subbuteo terms, this is the bible. Many a Subbuteo fan, old and new like me, will have spent hours trawling Peter Upton’s tremendous resource learning about practically everything to do with the game.

If it’s not on Peter Upton’s site, then it’s probably not worth knowing.

Mad About Games –

My preferred “dealer” of Subbuteo teams is Rui from Mad About Games. A large chunk of my collection comes from his online store. The service is second to none, the prices are competitive and the teams always arrive quickly. Generally speaking he has just about every modern day team that is accessible, and only a few times have I had to go elsewhere to source other teams (mainly the teams from abroad, such as the French licensed teams).

As well as the Paul Lamond/Netcam stuff, I am looking forward to using Mad About Games to increase my Leggenda collection.

Rui’s site may well be of interest to wider readers of this blog who aren’t necessarily interested in Subbuteo, as he does stock a range of other items.

Subbuteo World

If Peter Upton’s site is the bible of Subbuteo, then Subbuteo World is our IKEA. Everything you need for your Subbuteo “house” (if only) can be bought from here – be it teams, pitch sets, accessories, stadiums, fans – you name it, they’ve got it. I’ve seen a few criticisms of price about Subbuteo World, but I’ve certainly never had any issues with it. My only small gripe is their insistence on putting stickers on generic teams to give them a team identity (for instance, my blue/red stripe PLG team has got a Catania sticker on).


There are many sites out there from Subbuteo enthusiasts and providers, but I’ve plumped for Gareth’s flickforkicks site for this list, simply because of his incredible stadium products. Hand-made tables that are finished immaculately. I’ve been admiring his work for some time, and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before one of the flickforkicks tables is being used by myself on a regular basis.

World Subbuteo Rugby

Paul Lloyd’s site provides painted rugby teams from all eras. I’ve got a number of custom painted rugby teams provided by Paul, and his website is a mainstay of Subbuteo. His teams are also available on eBay.

A new non-Subbuteo production of table rugby has recently been released, and Paul’s work will sure to come in handy with that. More on that when I finally get my hands on a set.

Know of any other great Subbuteo sites? Share them with us in the comments box below!

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