Top five Football Manager 2019 challenges – are you up for it?

Football Manager 2019 puts the power into the players hands. Do you have what it takes to take on our top five FM19 challenges – are you up for it?

1) Win European trophies with Celtic

The curious case of Celtic. The team that so powerfully dominates the Scottish footballing landscape always seems to struggle on the European stage. Many have tired and many have failed – could you be the one to finally lead the green and whites to glory?

2) Get Leeds back into the Premier League

Leeds United once graced the premier league with quality football that rivalled many of the English giants. However, those days seem like a distant dream to many – could you take the club to back where it belongs?

3) Do a ‘Leicester’

Leicester United completed a footballing miracle in 2016 when they achieved the perceived impossible and won the premier league. With finances so vital to a clubs success, it is very possible we will never such an impressive feat ever again – could you pick a mid-table side and achieve the ultimate glory?

4) Stop PSG dominance

PSG are the undisputed leaders of football in France. The firepower they possess, on and off the field, is often too much to even compete with in France. The only team that has disrupted this dominance in recent years is Monaco – could you choose a French side and knock the giants off of their domestic pedestal?

5) Win the World Cup with England

Football was so nearly coming home in 2018. In what was a summer we will all remember, England narrowly lost out on a World Cup Final and the chance to be crowned the best in the world – could you do what Southgate could not, and win the World Cup?


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