Five sporting video game classics

Are you ready for some nostalgia? We’ve picked our favourite classic sporting video games, check them out!

1) FIFA 07

Many people’s opinions will differ when it comes to picking their favourite FIFA, but it can’t be argued that FIFA 07 was the first instalment that leaped lightyears ahead of its previous iteration – an occurrence that is often hard to come by it the modern features.

The implementation of a massively improved dribbling system gave the player more control than they’ve ever had – making the feeling of being your favourite star player as extraordinary as it had ever been.

Not to mention the incredible ability to sweep a free kick under the wall – what a feeling! Ronaldinho, eat your heart out!

2) Madden 05

The history of Madden games stretches far and wide, much like the ‘other’ Footballing game FIFA. Madden 05 implemented a host of new features that enhanced the experience for the player – including a new defensive tactical overhaul and the all too popular ‘hit stick’.

When the hit stick was utilised, the bone crunching replays and controller vibrations vastly increased the verisimilitude for the player and delivered a genuinely revolutionary gaming experience. The crowd would erupt when a fumble is forced and athletes scramble to obtain possession.

Improved story systems and enhanced franchise modes added to an already well established product. Many other Madden games have been good, but 05 stands out as a favourite.

3) F1 2018

Picking a racing game for this list is difficult when considering certain titles only feature exclusively on certain consoles, therefore here we have picked a game that is available on all platforms.
F1 2018 built upon an already well-crafted and respected the previous year’s release. The graphics enhanced once again, which is hard to achieve at this level but add in an improved suspension system and another in depth campaign mode – and you had quite the impressive game.
New features included a host of classic cars added to the roster and a more immersive, all round visceral feel gave the player the feeling of being in the car themselves.

4) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04

When speaking to golfing gamers, the common consensus is often that the 2004 edition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour was the best.

The implementation of more courses to play on and a revolutionary new analog stick swing feature cement this game into the memory of golf lovers. Not to mention the all new PGA Tour mode that vastly improved the previous year’s basic competitive golf mode.

EA also included smaller, focused game modes that allowed players to practise and enhance their skills in specific areas of the gameplay. One thing is for sure, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 04 was well received by gamers and critics alike.

5) Wii Sports

Is this cheating? It might be? But it makes the list anyway. The reason Wii Sports makes the list is the revolutionary use of the consoles (at the time) ground breaking motion capture controller mechanics.

The game came with five sports simulations including Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. The rules for each of the sports were simplified to make them easily accessible to new players.

This was the genius behind the game, as it made it possible to have a 3 set tennis masterclass against your nan after dinner and then a 12 round boxing slugfest with your mother in law. A game forever etched forever in the family memories of families around the world.


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