Football Manager 2019: SLFC – Road to the Premier League #2

The journey is ready to start – but first, lets take a look at our brand new club…

The journey is ready to start – but first, lets take a look at our brand new club…

This is it.

The beginning of a journey that will hopefully see Sporting Loft FC grace the best footballing institution the world has seen – the English Premier League.

It will be difficult.

It might not end in success.

Nobody knows how this will play out…but one thing is for certain, we WILL not give up without a fight!

… So, how was that? Do you think I make a good motivational manager? Well, lets hope!

Building the club

The first thing that we needed to do was create our image – our brand. We wanted to produce a kit, a badge and a colour scheme that would captivate our supporters and startle our opponents.

The badge was an easy one, the Sporting Loft logo.

Beautiful, majestic, iconic.

Naturally the next priority came in the from of the kits. These had to capture our soul, our history and our personalities…or just have our colour scheme, either or. After hours of hard labour and meticulous detail taken, we managed to produce the finest jerseys to ever grace the historic pitches of English football.

A work of art, if I do say so myself.

Now that we had our logo and our image, we needed a place to call home. For all the MK Dons fans out there…i’m sure there will be players and staff members that you may recognise. As was the history of your club (you know, the changing of the name and location), Sporting Loft has commandeered your fine establishment and you will now be known as Sporting Loft FC. Sorry guys, we had to start somewhere!

The stadium will be called ‘The Loft’ and opponents will enter at their own peril. It will hold 30,000 at maximum capacity and be based in Warrington, England (home of the Sporting Loft towers).

Everything is in place and everybody is raring to go. Here is our club page for those that want to see it in all it’s current glory.


This will surely be a work in progress, as over time I will see which players blend well together and which instructions are best suited to the players.

The formation will be 4 2 3 1 Wide – a modern day classic.

My philosophy is attacking, possession based football which focuses on playing out from the back and working the ball patiently into the opposition box.

Now, I’m sure that the ability of my players will not match the likes of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and that the pace of League Two will not welcome such a style so easily – however, this will be the initial, default tactic that we will look to implement.

For those tougher games that might require a less controlling approach, we will go with 4 1 4 1 DM Wide with a direct focus on fluid counter attacking play.

Again, of all the defensive set-ups, this will be one of the more challenging to get right – mainly due to it still requiring a great deal of talent from the individuals within the system, but we will adapt as and when the problems surface.

The season will be interesting but with decent funding and an already established squad – promotion at the first time of asking shouldn’t be a too optimistic task.

‘SLFC: Road to the Premier League’ will be released weekly every Tuesday evening and next weeks edition will detail how the club fared with its first ever pre-season fixture list.

Strap yourselves in Ladies and Gentlemen, this is going to be interesting!

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