Kylian Mbappe and Jude Bellingham top FIFA 23 Team of the Year line-up

FIFA 23 team of the year line-up

Team of the Year cards have been released on FIFA 23 after more than 10 million votes were cast worldwide on the final XI.

Team of the Year cards have been released on FIFA 23 after more than 10 million votes were cast worldwide on the final XI.

Kylian Mbappe comes in as the most expensive TOTY card, with a value of £96.6m, ahead of England international midfielder Jude Bellingham.

It is the cheapest lineup in more than five years, in what is the last FIFA branded game by EA Sports following the split between the sport’s governing body and the video game publisher.

The analysis, pulled together by casino reviewers Bonusetu, looked at the transfer values of current and previous TOTY lineups from the last decade, and adjusted previous prices against inflation rates to find that this year’s squad holds the lowest value since FIFA 17.

FIFA 23 revealed this year’s lineup over the weekend, with the players featured in the prestigious final XI selected by players, with over 10 million votes cast worldwide.

Despite previous years featuring some of the world’s highest-paid players, this year’s squad has a collective value of £673m on the real-life transfer market – the cheapest since 2017.

The most expensive player is PSG’s Kylian Mbappé (£158 million). Despite his market value rising by £17.6m since he appeared in the FIFA 22 TOTY, his increase in worth isn’t enough to combat the lower-priced players in this year’s lineup.

Mbappe won the highest percentage of fan votes among the nominated attackers (23%), while Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne was the top-voted midfielder (21%).

Second-highest player Jude Bellingham is currently valued at £96.9 million on the transfer market – more than double the current value of fellow World Cup player Messi (£44m).

Bellingham is Borussia’s second-youngest goalscorer, and is one of the highest-valued Three Lions players alongside Manchester City’s Phil Foden, and Bukayo Saka (£88 million).

The cheapest player featured is Real Madrid’s Luka Modrić with a  comparatively low value of £8.8 million, followed by teammate Karim Benzema, priced at £30.8 million.

Collectively, the FIFA 23 TOTY’s transfer market value is 10% lower than last year’s (£753 million, adjusted for inflation), and 44% lower than the 2020 squad (£1.2 billion), which was the most expensive lineup in recent years.

FIFA’s Team of the Year Transfer Value since 2014

FIFA Iteration Transfer Value* Highest-Valued Player Lowest-Valued Player
FIFA 23 £673,911,450 Kylian Mbappé Luka Modrić
FIFA 22 £753,167,549 Kylian Mbappé N’Golo Kanté
FIFA 21 £868,158,570 Kylian Mbappé Sergio Ramos
FIFA 20 £1,211,285,586 Kylian Mbappé Matthijs de Ligt
FIFA 19 £1,062,364,617 Kylian Mbappé Luka Modrić
FIFA 18 £847,134,298 Lionel Messi Dani Alves
FIFA 17 £658,952,649 Lionel Messi Dani Alves
FIFA 16 £686,649,167 Lionel Messi Dani Alves
FIFA 15 £678,296,172 Cristiano Ronaldo Philipp Lahm
FIFA 14 £583,591,035 Lionel Messi Xavi Hernández

*Transfer value adjusted for inflation

The last time the FIFA TOTY was as low as this year’s selection was in 2017, when the cumulative transfer value was pulled down by Juventus’ Dani Alves (£5.3 million).

Despite the 23 lineup featuring some of the world’s highest-paid and popular footballers (Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi), it’s the least-valuable selection in recent years.

This may be attributed to footballer’s values dropping post-covid in the transfer market, with the 2020 value across the five major European championships proving 30% lower than those in 2019 – and the fact the more pricey players aren’t necessarily fan favourites.

Speaking on the findings, a Bonusetu spokesperson said: “It’s interesting to see the transfer market value of fan’s favourite FIFA 23 players, as it just goes to show that being highly-valued on the pitch doesn’t mean you have the fan’s backing by default.

“The TOTY is a good opportunity for lesser-paid players to get some recognition from fans outside of the competitive transfer market – and is also a good indication of which players could become firm favourites on the pitch in the next year, like Jude Bellingham.””

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