Book: ‘Scalextric: A Race Through Time’ by Roger Gillham

Scalextric: a race through time is a 144-page book by Roger Gillham, looking at the hobby from the beginning of its 50-year history up until 2007.

This book is certainly a must-read for any die-hard Scalextric fans out there, going year by year and looking at the items released during that period.

It is described as a true feast of nostalgia, packed with fascinating illustrations that capture every facet of Scalextric over the years – not just the cars, track and accessories but also period artwork as seen on box sets and in catalogues – this could not be more true.

It really is a throwback and looks at everything great about this wonderful hobby.

If you want an in-depth look at different model specifications, this book maybe isn’t the one for you. However, what it does do is provide a visual illustration of the changing of the game, with different designs, models and shapes showcased in a very engaging way.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves, with everyone from young adults to older people trying to rekindle and reconnect with the hobbies they were so obsessed by during their childhood.

If you haven’t purchased this book yet, I would highly recommend it. It may not be jam-packed full of technical information, but what it does have is have a simplicity that makes it all the more endearing and engaging.

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