The lockdown has seen a plethora of new tournaments come to the fore – nonemoreso than the Subbuteo Cup.

Run by the brilliant Subbuteo Online, and featuring a live video draw from the terrific Subbuteo Collector, the tournament brought together Subbuteo players and enthusiasts alike to play games solo in the form of competition.

Here are some of my highlights from the tournament so far:

Never one to shy away from innovation, this Subbuteo host provides a novel way of introducing the players to the theatre.

To kick off the tournament, it had to be the man that’s helped bring together the online Subbuteo community with his passion, enthusiasm and consistency.

I just want one of those Fergies.

Absolute finish this, and a nice match ball to boot.

I wish I could do all parts of this video – the filming, the editing, the playing.

What a set up. I’ll whisper it quietly, always felt the traditional Subbuteo pitch was too big.