If you’re stuck in self-isolation fear not – because there is a way that you can play the greatest football management game of all time, Championship Manager 01/02.

Not only that, but thanks to the incredible work of the champman0102.co.uk website, you can play it using a database from the current season.

Installing CM 01/02 on Windows

  1. Download the game from here
  2. Save to your computer (it will be a compressed .zip file)

  3. You will need a virtual drive to run the game (such as Slysoft). Download and install.

  4. Now return to the cm0102.zip file, extract the files to your desktop

  5. Right click the cm0102.iso file and mount to drive

  6. Double click to install and then this will create the game shortcut on your desktop

  7. You will need to mount the .iso file every time you want to play (this basically tells the PC that the game is in your virtual disc drive)

  8. You may also want to download the official SI games patch for the original game, available here

Video available via champman0102 below:

Installing CM 01/02 on Mac

Installing on a Mac is more difficult, as you need to get an emulator. I have managed to run the game successfully on my MacBook Pro using CrossOver

Updating to the current season

Follow the update guide on the champman0102.co.uk here

Playing on a tablet

If getting it on a laptop isn’t enough, you can even get it on tablet (Android only).

Video tutorial below:

If you have any queries or problems, visit champman0102.co.uk or leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to help – I have successfully installed the game on all three different platforms.